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  • Lasya GP

Curiosity, Courage, and Compassion: All you need for Personal Growth!

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Being an introvert can be mentally taxing. Every conversation feels like climbing a mountain. I have been through it every day and I still do.

But with years of practicing courage, it is now a habit. Nothing else matches the thrill of small successes towards personal development.

Let's first understand that being an introvert is not a flaw. It just means some of us are wired differently. While extroverts refuel themselves being around people, we replenish our energy reserves being around—you guessed it—ourselves.

However, small steps of courage while ignoring the worthless discomfort can significantly improve personal and professional lives. Not only can we overcome some of our social anxieties but also enhance self-worth and achieve goals quicker.

So here are a few easy lifestyle shifts that can lead introverts towards greater transformations in life.

1. Be prepared for rejection.

Easier said than done. But start seeing rejection, not as a humiliation but an inappropriate place or time for an idea to yield results. One can also see it as an opportunity to work harder, get creative and expand one's horizon. Or it may even deliver results gradually. Personally, being patient and implementing one strategy at a time has been the only way to small successes. And I firmly believe they will add up one day.

Rejections come and go; what dictates your worth as an individual is your passion and perseverance.

2. Treat everyone equally.

So far, it has been easier to be neutral than wasting time and energy over judging people. Often, people have their reasons to act a certain way. So, be compassionate and try to understand their challenges instead. Ask if you could help them or talk to them. They may just be waiting for someone to ask. Just by practicing compassion, one can deal with one's own stress and help with others' anxieties as well. It will also help you with teamwork or in-person interactions. Start by greeting a new person each day. Ask about their interests, ideas, or memories they would like to share.

When making decisions, do not allow bias from your prior conversations to take over. Treat all the details you receive from people to appreciate the gift of diversity. While bias has its corner in everyone's subconscious, do not let it hinder your efforts to be impartial and inclusive.

3. Listen with undivided attention!

It is a trait that most of us lack. I did too and I am still working on it.

Most people just need someone to listen to them during their difficult times. So, let's be that friend who asks where they come from and where they want to go. Listen patiently to understand their concerns, insecurities, and aspirations. Try seeing the world from their point of view. As a result, it will be easier to understand their logic, perspectives, and why they behave in a certain way. Sometimes, it is better to lose an argument if there isn't much at risk.

4. Show that you care.

The world needs empathy that carries the magic to unleash the best in everyone. Sometimes, it may just be enough for a friend to break free from self-doubt and grow as an individual. This way, even you can effectively communicate without having to say too much.

Final Thoughts

All that said, courage is still exhausting sometimes. But I realized that it surely does more good than damage! So, bring down the curtain on everything else and start your adventure with courage right away. With practice, anyone can get comfortable with it. Once you get the taste of it, I promise you will never want to go back!

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