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  • Lasya GP

Food waste: There's more to it than we know!

Do not waste food
Do not waste food; Picture credits: The Akshaya Patra Foundation

I found this poster and knew I had to share it.

Because we may be trying to be sustainable in all different ways but we aren’t getting anywhere until we learn not to waste food!

We often have infinite complaints against the authorities for not doing anything for the underprivileged or the environment.

But in offices, restaurants and events, we want to try every item on the menu. We fill our plates till they overflow and throw away what we don’t like.

At grocery stores, we pick more than our consumption capacity and throw away the excess.

So, how responsible are we? Are we doing enough for those in need?

Did you know one-third of food produced globally gets wasted? And it can feed 3 BILLION PEOPLE?

Here’s how we add to the problem further:

👉 We are not respecting the farmers who grew food with their blood, sweat and months of hard work.

👉 We are wasting the investments made to produce, transport and process the food.

👉 We are making lives worse for millions of people who go hungry daily. We are adding to the hunger crisis.

👉 We are contributing to the greenhouse emissions generated by food waste, speeding up climate change.

And here’s how you can help:

👉 Know your appetite and serve accordingly.

👉 If you are eating out, ask about the portion sizes and carry a container to bring back the extra food.

👉 Analyse how much you consume in a week and buy groceries accordingly. Understand your preferences because...who else will?

👉 Understand how long perishable food items last.

👉 Donate unused food items before they spoil.

Natural resources are not ours to waste. They are gifts, not possessions. It's our responsibility to preserve them for the benefit of everyone on the planet.

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