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  • Lasya GP

How I am finally able to live a peaceful and productive life every day

After years of struggle and constant practice, I could finally create a mindset that helps me ward off anxiety, overthinking and discontent every single day! I am sharing it here hoping it would make some of your lives better. ✨ Don't take life too seriously. Live it like you own it; it shouldn't be your life owning you. ✨ Enjoy the process of getting somewhere. Trust me, the destination isn't as fun as the journey. That's why, be in the moment and feel it with every cell in your body. ✨ If you face challenges, accept them and deal with them like they're a part of you and they're what make you strong. Without them, life won't be juicy! ✨ You may be kind, disciplined and everything nice, but things may still not go according to your will. Problems may crush you and people may belittle you. But honestly, I would get bored of a life that's all cherry blossoms and cotton candies with no fire to walk into. I believe in entering the storm and fighting it out like a monster that can't be messed with. What do you think?

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