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  • Lasya GP

Perfectionism: The destroyer of creativity and productivity

Perfectionism is often considered a good trait and something that is not taken seriously.

But sometimes, it only hurts your opportunities and possibility of success.

Perfectionism only protects us from the chances of failing. And that's more evil than we realise.

We end up never trying for the fear of failure. The thought that comes to mind is, 'I'll do it when...'

Alas! That time will never come. Because let's face it, the world doesn't work the way we want it to.


🎯 If you never try, you will never know whether an idea will work or not.

🎯 If you never try, you will never see that maybe it's a brilliant idea. And it's now reaping triple the benefits you had imagined.

🎯 If you never try, the ideas will only pile up in your head, making you anxious and underconfident about yourself..

So, leave perfectionism behind. If you have been thinking about trying out an idea, DO IT NOW!

Whether it works or not, you have no control over it anyway. So, leave it to fate!

Hope this thought gets you started on a journey you've been longing for.

Have a great week everyone!

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