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  • Lasya GP

Toxicity of 'Toxic Productivity' and 'Slow Life'!

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Leading a "slow life" against "toxic productivity" has been trending on online platforms for quite a while now. But it is getting out of control to the extent that some of us start resting even before we begin working hard enough.

Instead of finding creative solutions to perform better and work harder, we break down under the slightest pressure. It's time we learn to capitalize on our skills and interests to work for a larger purpose. Whether with an organization or by ourselves, it should be one's own call to take. But, my question is... Isn't "slow living" a luxury that only a few of us can afford? Shouldn't the underprivileged reap its benefits too? Have we empowered all our migrant friends and the rural folks enough? With equal opportunities to education, employment, food security, internet access, and digital literacy? Don't they deserve a peaceful lifestyle, three meals a day, ample "breaks" and a cup of coffee too? As for my work experience, I have barely started. Have you?

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